By joining our Affiliate Program, you can earn commission for sharing products on your social networks and your own website or blog.  All qualifying sales will earn commissions.

Who is eligible for the Affiliate Program?

All customers and sellers are welcome to apply. However, certain profiles are not eligible for the program at this time, including cashback and voucher sites.

How do I apply for the Affiliate Program?

For prospective affiliates to gain access to the Affiliate Program they must apply and be approved.

You can apply through the Affiliate Registration.

How does commission work?

Each qualifying sale earns a commission (excluding sale returns and sale cancellations). Our cookie period is 30 days; affiliates will receive a commission on sales attributed to their account during this time.

Commissions are paid on the order price (excluding shipping costs and tax). Affiliates are eligible for sales based on the last click within the cookie window.

How do I promote or share a product and get credited for it?

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to an affiliate dashboard, where you will be able to access your tracked affiliate link to any product or site page.  You can then share that link on any social network, like Facebook, Twitter or your own blog/website.

Do I need to sign a contract?

There’s no contract to sign when joining our program. You will however, be bound by the Affiliate Policy of our affiliate program.

Is there an exclusivity agreement when joining?

There’s no exclusivity agreement. You can take part in other affiliate programs as well as being part of ours.

How do you pay affiliate commissions?

Affiliate commissions are paid monthly (excluding any returns) via Paypal.  So you will need a Paypal account to receive your affiliate commissions.  In the affiliate dashboard, you can enter your Paypal email for payment.  In the future, we may look into other alternatives to make payments, if you don’t have a Paypal account.

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