White Nationalist Reportedly A Psychology Professor In NYC


Students at Kingsborough Community College describe Joshua Dietz as a “modern professor” who is easygoing and informal. Gothamist describes him as a guitar player who maintains a hypnosis practice in Downtown Brooklyn. However, according to the website, Dietz lives two lives.

Co-host of Richard Spencer’s podcast the McSpencer Group, Dietz goes by Josh Neal, and like Spencer, identifies as a white nationalist. During a typical episode Dietz and Spencer speak with guests on their show about the “negrofication” of American culture.

“They can’t speak eloquently. They can’t dress a particular way. They can’t show enthusiasm for education or career advancement or, I don’t know, monogamous healthy relationships without out of wedlock children,” Dietz said during an episode with author Colin Flaherty, which was recorded earlier this year, according to Gothamist.

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Since Gothamist’s story ran, all videos posted to Spencer’s YouTube account have been taken down. They can all still be streamed on BitChute.

Dietz reportedly appears on other white nationalist and neo-Nazi podcasts. He also hosts his own online show and has had Patrick Little, who believes Jewish people should be raised as livestock, and neo-Nazi David Duke.

A spokesperson for Kingsborough Community College has confirmed Dietz no longer teaches at the school, but didn’t comment on having a white nationalist professor. Reviews on RateMyProfessor indicate he taught there since 2012.