Woman’s GoFundMe To Feed Kids Reaches 40 Times Its Goal


Champale Anderson is a prime example of selflessness.

The St. Louis native has been distributing free snack bags to kids in her neighborhood over the past five years. “Sometimes that snack is the only thing the kids have that evening,” she told STL Public Radio’s St. Louis on the Air. “They get a bag at 3 p.m., and they’re back by 7 p.m. for more.”

Originally, the funding for the snack bags came out of her own pocket. However, Campale, wanted to feed more kids so she started a GoFundMe with a goal of raising a reasonable $1,500. Created on August 28, the page “Champ’s Teardrops” has already amassed a total of over $65,000, as of September 22. “I’m going to keep this thing going,” she said to the radio station, “whether I have a GoFundMe or not.”

The GoFundMe page includes Anderson’s mission statement: “What I do is give out snack bags to the neighborhood kids,” it reads. “What I call what I do is Champ’s Teardrops. I’m just trying to help the kids that don’t have enough at home or just hungry after school. I been doing this out my own money and I’m just reaching out. Please help these kids out.”

Incredible. We applaud Campele Anderson’s amazing cause. If you’d like to donate to Champ’s Teardrops, hit up the GoFundMe here.